The fashion desire

guest post // written by Ioana, photographed by me

The aspiration of young girls isn’t to become a ballerina anymore, but to be a model, designer, or (even worse!) a fashionista.

First of all, calling yourself a “fashionista” not only that won’t make you one, but it will also make you look silly, because in the year of 2016, no one aspires to be a “fashionista” anymore. Same goes with “chic” and “trendy”.

Secondly, don’t go for fashion because you think it’s cool. All you’re doing is getting yourself lost in the mass. (Fashion is so much more than Timberlands, green parkas and Moncler jackets). Go for different.


Find yourself a style and stick to it. Your choice should be based on the clothes that get you pumped in the morning just by thinking about them. Also, you don’t have to fit in a distinct category like classic, edgy or sophisticated.

My style, for example, pretty much consists of what I’m comfortable in (for both physical and emotional reasons). I like to keep it functional and cozy, especially for this season.


So, even though black skinny jeans aren’t my go to option when it comes to wearing what I’m comfortable in, I paired them with this oversized sweater that makes everything feel alright. Also, give yourself the gift of going through your mom’s closet every now and then. You’ll be amazed by the things you’ll find in there (my experience with this lovely denim jacket).

And, after all, what’s the secret to pulling off any outfit? Confidence and a bright smile.

– Ioana (@iouanandreea / @cultelement on Instagram)

Fichier 13-11-2016 17 38 22.png

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