Wear it!

[ written by Ștefania, photographed by me ]

Things that I like:

-The sun

-Chamomile tea

-The smell of books


-CLOTHES!!! clothes clothes clothes!!


I don’t like clothes, I love clothes! They are a way of self expression, people may recognize you by your outfits or different staple pices.

But that’s not why I’m writing this. I’m writing this to state something:  the clothes you wear should make YOU and ONLY YOU happy. Yes, some may say that it’s important to find your style, but style isn’t a degree, it’s a feeling, it’s something that you hold within yourself.




First of all, let it come with the flow. Don’t stress it to much. If you like an old sweater, that’s a bit too “vintage”, WEAR IT! Take everything that inspires you and mush it up in one outfit. I know it sounds hard, but it really isn’t. Take that one thing that you’re way too afraid to wear, and put it on, dance around, take pictures, do a small catwalk type of walk. Because when it comes to clothes, we need to risk it so that we can reach happiness.




Secondly, don’t think about other people when you choose your clothes. In the morning, when you get dressed, the only person that should be in your thoughts is you. It may sound narcissistic, but if you’re not in love with your outfit, then who is going to be? The concept of  “ootd” makes a lot of us want to be liked and to have our outfit approved by our followers. And that is, indeed, really sad, because fashion isn’t about that. You should be happy with your outfit, not others! You should be the one who decides if you like it or not. Because you are entitled to your own voice and mind! The clothes you wear describe you, and if you search for some other opinion, then, is that what you want to be known as?




So, whenever you think that you don’t have a style or that you don’t want to disappoint others with your style, remember this: at the end of the day, you’re the only one who cares about that, so let it bring you joy and excitement!



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