INmusic festival #12

– DAY 1 –

“Discovering” is the word that, it seems to me, fits my first day of INmusic perfectly. From the really long way that was leading up to the island, to finding all the stages, neon signs and photogenic little places that had been put up by the festival organisers, we had a great time overall. One of the best things was finding the “Vegetarian and Vegan” food stand and trying it out, but also getting to stay pretty close to the front row during the last two concerts: Darko Rundek, probably our first contact with Croatian music, and Arcade Fire.


– DAY 2 –

Did I mention the front row earlier? Well… I might have a slight obsession for being there. That, and adding the fact that two of my favourite bands were going to perform that day, is why I came a couple of hours earlier, occupied my territory and didn’t leave it until the very end, despite the torrid heat. And I can honestly say that every minute was worth it, for both alt-J and Kings of Leon.


Having been so long awaited, the alt-J concert was absolutely surreal, so much that I couldn’t believe I was actually there. From the moment they entered the stage and started off with 3WW, the audience (or at least surely myself) was transposed into another world, where everyone sang along to Mathilda, and where the lights were so impressing that they competed with the sound; a world which I didn’t want to ever leave. Because when I heard the first few notes of Taro I already felt like crying of happiness, and because my screams at the beginning of In Cold Blood, as well the lyrics I shouted during all the songs, were met by Gus’s looks towards me… it totally paid off to be dancing in the moonlight / in this hot long summer night.


I would’ve continued to feel empty inside after alt-J left the stage… if it wasn’t for the amazing, expectations-surpassing Kings of Leon. It’s probably not that necessary to mention how good their music is, but what I need to say is that they had the concert with the best visuals, undoubtedly. Every single image projected in the back of the stage gave me the feeling that I was in a music video, living and dancing and singing with them. All I have left to say is KOL, I’ve got my eyes on you.

– DAY 3 –

This day began with the biggest storm I’ve had to walk almost an hour through in my whole life and ended with the best concert ever. A lot of superlatives, right? Well, I guess you could say this last day was pretty intense, more for the music and less for the rain, as I couldn’t be thinking about the weather anymore after having experienced a Kasabian concert once again. The first time I saw them was at Summer Well Festival in 2015, still in the first row, when they left me with the impression, if not the certitude, that they are the best when it comes to performing live. Other than mentioning how Tim kept smiling at me, how Sergio pointed at me for getting the joke he made about Treat, and how Tom did the same when he noticed my album-inspired make-up, I have no words. It was an impeccable concert and I couldn’t have wished for more (I even got the setlist!), except that it didn’t have to end.




PS: This was my festival make-up through the days ~


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