What UNTOLD did not for one single night, but for four, is most probably one of every teenager’s dreams: to get through the night by their best friends’ side, dancing to the explosive music under a million of coloured lights.

Honestly, I’ve thought about this coming off as a really clicheic description to begin with, but where do cliches come from anyway? At some point or another, they must have brought happiness to a very large group of people… and that’s kind of just what happened during the first days of August.

Like I said, the main things were the concerts and getting to spend time with my friends, but while the latter memories are mine, the music was everybody’s, so that’s what I’ll be writing about. The number is 21. I caught 21 concerts in 4 days, and to confuse you with even more numbers, the sleeping ‘schedule’ was from 7 am to 2 pm. But I guess that’s a big part of the magic. I’ve always felt like night time has its way of occasionally making you feel at the top of the world, and music festivals are the only place that confirm my theory every single time.

You’ve probably seen the whole line-up billboards already, so here goes a list of the performances I enjoyed the most:

and not only…

It’s certainly not necessary to explain what I loved about each and every one of them, but I need to mention one thing. During Martin Garrix’s concert, I felt like lived the most beautiful moment of my life, considering that I even started crying under the fireworks and cold rain. Much of that feeling can’t really be explained; I just found that being there, under the right circumstances, somehow brought my personal definition of happiness.

I guess it’s not called the ‘Festival of Night and Magic’ for nothing.

PS: as always, festival make-up and outfits

by Andreea Retinschi

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